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Evans Head Holiday Accommodation

About Evans Head First National

The partnership of Evans Head First National was established with a very clear vision in mind – to provide the absolute best real estate experience possible. They wanted to create a professional yet relaxed environment, where clients are comfortable knowing that their interests are always put first. Our ultimate goal is to make a 'client for life'.
Our small but growing team has created a culture that is continually searching for more effective ways to help achieve the goals of our clients. We all work as a  team to get the job done. We are committed to employing the best local people for the job and live by the philosophy that client satisfaction is the only true measure of success.

We live by the following values;

  • Enjoyment in the workplace
  • Constant improvement of our people
  • Involvement & contribution to our community
  • The creation of local job opportunities
  • Hard work & innovation
  • Success