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AGENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Effective: 24th July 2020

Once a pending reservation is made, the booking only becomes confirmed upon receipt of the required deposit. All monies received by Evans Head First National is on behalf of the owner. By paying the minimum deposit and confirming the booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined. All bookings are taken in good faith, however, there are some circumstances that are beyond our control and Evans Head First National cannot be held responsible if your booking cannot be honoured. All endeavours to assist you find alternate accommodation shall be made by the Agent. Should you not be satisfied with the alternate accommodation, a full refund will be made, however no claim, right, action or demand shall be made by either party. Each holiday property is owned privately and as such are equipped with different appliances, bedding and other furnishings. As the managing agent, Evans Head First National endeavours to ensure each property is in excellent condition and of high quality, however the overall standard of each property is at the discretion of each individual owner.

Please note that it is our policy not to show holiday properties prior to your stay. Photos have been provided online and brochures are available if requested. We cannot be held responsible for any noise from construction work occurring close to holiday properties, as this is beyond our control. Any printed, written or verbal description of the premises by the Agent or an employee will be made in good faith; however no responsibility for contested description can be accepted. In the event of the property being offered is for sale, inspections with prospective purchasers may be necessary during reasonable hours by appointment.

•It is important that you read through the email correspondence provided to ensure the details are correct. Ensure you check the dates of the booking including the year, property, number of adults and children and contact details. Please call our office immediately should there be any discrepancies. Our Agency will not be held liable should incorrect dates and contact details are provided.
The agent retains the right to cancel any booking, either before or during the stay, if the agent suspects the property is not or will not be used, maintained or looked after in accordance with the terms and conditions of the booking.
•Bookings can only be made by person 18 years and older. This person must stay in the property and will be held responsible for the conduct of all guests. The premises are let to you for holiday purposes only for the period stated on the final email and for the maximum persons per bed of the premises booked.
•The number of guests must not exceed the amount stipulated in the booking or maximum allowed at the property. Breaches will result in a bond deduction or eviction without refund.
•Evans Head First National has a strict “No Party” policy in all properties and as such reserves the right to cancel the booking immediately should there be indication of a party during the booking or this policy not be adhered to
at any point in time.
•It is the guest’s responsibility to inform the agent of any booking that may occupy school leavers, particularly during the period from the 1st November to 15th December. If not disclosed to the agent then the agent reserves the right to terminate the booking immediately and guest will be required to leave without a refund. “Schoolies” bookings will be made in consultation with the owner and if confirmed a separate “Schoolies” agreement will apply.
•Occupation of premises, which in the absolute discretion of the Agent causes nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers, will be terminated immediately.
•Guests will not assign or sub-let the whole or any part of the subject premises.
•Guests will not remove or reposition any of the furniture, fittings and/or effects from the premises. If moved then guest are expected to return items to their proper place otherwise charges will apply.
•Erecting tents or housing campers or caravans in the property grounds is not permitted and the booking will be terminated immediately with accommodation payment forfeited should this occur. It is against Health Department Regulations for more persons to occupy a property than there are beds to accommodate them. Numbers in excess of the agreed guests will be charged for and the owner of the property has the right to request that the numbers be reduced or to terminate the booking, without refund.
•Lighting fires in the yards of our holiday properties are not permitted and if this occurs the full bond will be forfeited.
•The agent endeavours to have any repairs to appliances attended to as soon as possible after reporting it. However, due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. having to order parts or non-availability of trade’s people) the immediate repairs may be beyond our control. No responsibility is accepted by the agent for these unforeseen circumstances. There will be no refunds or discounts deducted from tariffs for unusable appliances or those awaiting repairs or maintenance.
•Guests are required to allow repair and/or service personnel to enter the premises for the purpose of conducting any repair of service deemed necessary by the Agent. Such times of entering will be arranged prior where possible and, unless in the opinion of the Agent an emergency situation could exist or arise. Guests accept that the appropriate personnel may access the property with the office keys held by Evans Head First National.
•Rebooking will only be confirmed upon payment of the required deposit, and will only be accepted when the previous occupation has been satisfactory. If a deposit is not paid within 7 days, the booking will be cancelled.
•Only during the Christmas period do guests have first right to rebook the property for the same period the following year, subject to owners acceptance. The minimum deposit must be paid prior to vacating; properties will not be held for guests under any circumstances and if the deposit hasn’t been received the booking will be open to the public.
•We cannot hold properties under any circumstances for off peak periods.
•All rentals are subject to increase as per consultation with each individual owner and can be changed at any time. Always confirm the exact tariff at the time of booking.
•The total booking amount is inclusive of electricity, cleaning charges, unless an alternate agreement has been signed. The managing Agent on behalf of the owner agrees to let the occupier to take the use of the property for “Holiday Purposes” only. Evans Head First National reserves the right to alter, cancel or change any of these terms and conditions as a result to changes in the holiday market, changes in legislation, or the requirements of the properties owners, and Body Corporate at any time without notice.
•Any booking enquiry received through “Yes Book It” that has been tagged by Bad Books will be immediately cancelled.
• In the case of apartments, units and villas; car parking or carports are usually numbered.
•Extra vehicles, boats etc. are to be parked outside the grounds.

  1. PETS
    •A $400 security bond/pre-authorisation is required for pet friendly properties.
    •Pets are not permitted in our holiday properties unless otherwise stated. Please check with our office prior to booking.  Should our Agency be notified of pet/s at a property which is not pet friendly guests will have the opportunity to remove the pet from the property or the accommodation deposit shall be forfeited and the booking terminated with immediate effect.

•Pet/s are restricted to outside only and Evans Head First National will not be held responsible for the safety of your pet during your stay. Please advise our office of the breed, colour and age of your pet prior to arrival.
•If your pet/s is/are found to be inside premises then extra cleaning charges will apply and be deducted from your security deposit. If fleas are found to be present after your stay in the property or grounds then the charge to have a flea spray will be deducted from the security deposit.
•It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure that the pets do not disrupt the peace and amenity of the neighbourhood. Any complaints received may require the guest to find alternate pet accommodation or if deemed excessive could lead to the termination of the booking.
•Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. Should any evidence of the pet be found after the guest leaves, a $150 cleaning fee will be deducted from the security bond.

    •Our Agency operates as a cashless office and as such will no longer accept accommodation deposits or payment of security bonds in cash. •Payments can be made through Secure Pay online, cheque, and direct transfer, Eftpos, Visa, Master Card, and Bankcard payments. Credit Card payments incur 1.5% (+GST) surcharge. Refer to your emails for details on payment methods.
    •A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 is required for all bookings with exception to NSW/QLD Christmas School Holidays where the
    NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is $400.
    •Bookings are subject to a $35 non-refundable booking fee payable at time of paying deposit.
    •Any bookings made within 21 days of arrival require full payment at the time of booking within 48 hours.
    The balance of the accommodation tariff must be paid 21 days prior to arrival. For NSW/QLD Christmas School Holidays bookings the balance is due by the 1st October that year. Please note our Agency accepts part payments of accommodation.
    •Non-payment by the balance due date will result in cancellation of your booking and the cancellation policy will apply.
    •Please choose your booking carefully as ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
    •All cancellations must be submitted in writing.
    •A $35 cancellation and handling fee applies when any additional money, less the deposit is to be refunded to the guest.
    •If your booking is cancelled due to payment not being made by the due date, a rebooking fee of $35 will apply to reinstating the booking if made through the office.
    •ALL SCHOOL HOLIDAY CANCELLATIONS - Any cancellations for bookings paid in full will only receive a refund if the property is rebooked for the same period, with exception to Christmas and Easter bookings, less the non-refundable deposit.
    •CHRISTMAS: Any cancellations after the 1st October will result in the loss of all monies paid.
    •EASTER: Any cancellations made prior to two (2) months to the commencement of the booking will result in the loss of all monies paid, unless property can be rebooked for the same period.
    •Consideration will be given, in consultation with the owner, to a cancellation that is occasioned by exceptional circumstances. This will be at the owner’s discretion.


This policy applies to LOW SEASON bookings made on or after 29th May 2020, for bookings with arrival dates between 29th May 2020 & 12th December 2020.

  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing
  • We will allow you to notify us within 30 days of making the booking or beofre the final payment due date, whichever is earlier, should you wish to cancel. In the event of cancellation within this period you will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit.
  • A $35 cancellation and handling fee applies when any money, including the deposit is to be refunded to the guest
  • All bookings under this policy are short term bookings with a duration of 28 days or less.
  • Should you be affected by state government restrictions preventing you from travelling to our accommodation, we will provide you with a full refund.
    •Changes to or shortening of dates for a confirmed booking must be submitted in writing and will only be considered if eight (8) weeks prior to arrival.  Approval of any date change will be in consultation with the owner and subject to availability. (Date changes refers to shortening the length of your confirmed booking or selecting completely new dates)
    •The accommodation tariff must be equal to or more than the original booking and refunds for a shorter stay or different season will not be provided.
    •Consideration will be given, in consultation with the owner, to a request to change or shorten dates of a confirmed booking that is occasioned by exceptional circumstances or less than eight (8) weeks prior to arrival. This will be at the owner’s discretion.


    •Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm, Saturday 8:30am to 1pm.  Our office operates on NSW time, please note Daylight savings begins on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April.
    •Keys can be collected from our office during office hours.
    •Your booking will commence from 1:00pm on day of arrival and finish strictly at 9.30am on the day of your departure (all times are in NSW time)

•The arriving guest will need to present their credit card for verification and valid photo identification.
Arriving outside office hours - Under no circumstances will keys be left out unless the accommodation fee, including the security bond/
pre-authorisation and Check-In form has been completed.

•The guest is responsible to ensure the booking details are correct and ensure that they have received the safe code prior to office closing on the day of their arrival.
•In the instance a staff member may be called to assist after-hours key pick up, a $50 call out fee will apply and be deducted from security bond.
•The key safe can be accessed after hours via a code issued to guest via SMS. The agent will not be responsible for alternate accommodation or any other costs when tenants arrive after hours if the guest has not advised of requiring the after-hours key pick up.
•Guest(s) will be issued with one set of keys on arrival. Duplicate keys are not always available. If keys are lost during a stay, guest(s) will be required to replace the keys and all locks at the premises at their own expense.
•Should a guest lock themselves out of the premises outside of business hours a $50 call out fee will apply.
•Keys must be returned to our office at 9 Oak Street, Evans Head on the day of check out. Keys not returned by check-out time at 9:30am will incur a $50 late charge. Should you be vacating outside of our advertised office hours, please return keys to the return box at the rear of our office opposite house #6 (accessed via Illawong Lane). The Key Return box is clearly labelled and a “Holiday Here” sign is placed next to this.

    Credit card details are required for every booking; it will be at the Agents’ discretion to charge a bond amount between $200.00 and $500.00 per booking per property. PET FRIENDLY PROPERTIES REQUIRE A BOND OF $400.00 TO BE HELD.
    •If credit card details cannot be supplied, a security deposit is required by way of EFTPOS only as we are a cashless office.
    •Bonds will be held for the duration of the reservation in a Trust Account until the property is cleaned and inspected.
    •Bonds paid by Eftpos will be returned via direct deposit only on the first day of the following month after vacating. Guests are requested to provide correct bank account details upon check in.
    •Any pre-authorisation processed on credit card will be automatically released within 7 - 30 working days after your arrival. Please note your bank will have varying days of release. Evans Head First National does not deduct the bond amount but a temporary hold is of the nominated amount is held only.

•Due to Trust Account Regulations was are unable to refund your bond in way of cash.
•Evans Head First National reserves the right to make claims on the security bond if the terms & conditions have been breached. Bond claims will be automatically charged to the security bond and the guest will be notified accordingly.

    •Any issue with relation to the cleanliness, default or breakage to items or furniture needs to be reported to our office immediately in order for us to rectify the problem for you. There will be no refunds or discounts deducted from tariffs for unusable appliances or those awaiting repairs.
    •All damages, breakages or losses to the property, furniture and furnishings or any damage resulting from an accident are to be reported to the agent and paid for by the guest immediately. The agent maintains the right to withhold sufficient funds to repair all damages, breakages or losses to the property at their discretion. In the event that the damaged item cannot be replaced due to security bonds limits, the agent maintains the right to withhold an amount that they deem reasonable compensation to the owner for the damage incurred.
    •We will not be held responsible for any delays’ by cleaning staff throughout busy holiday seasons.
    •All wheelie bins are to be placed on the curb when vacating. If found bins haven’t been placed on curb then a $50 charge per bin will be deducted from your security deposit. Please refer to the House Rules on the fridge, and compendium for more information in regards to bin collection and new recycling/green waste disposals. If the bins are filled with the incorrect rubbish the Richmond Valley Council will not collect the bin and we will be required to organise an extra collection and the cost deducted from your security bond.
    •The premises are to be left in clean and tidy conditions. Please ensure dishes, pots and pans etc. are washed and put back into cupboards and bed linen left neat on all beds. Failure to do so will incur a charge for extra cleaning, which will be deducted from your security deposit.
    If BBQ facilities are provided, a cleaning fee of $30 will apply if not left clean.
    •Smoking is strictly prohibited in all indoor areas and on any balconies of the Property. Should any cigarette butts or other evidence, including the smell of smoking be found after the guest leaves, a $150 cleaning fee will be deducted from the security bond.
    •All properties are fully self-contained but are not serviced. Linen (being sheets, pillow cases, bath mats, hand towels, bath/beach towels & tea towels) is not included unless otherwise stated in the advertised description. Pillows, mattress protectors and blankets/doonas are supplied.
    •Linen can be hired locally, for details please contact our office 02 6682 6226 to arrange prior to your arrival. Please note our Agency is not responsible for linen delivery/collection.


    •Items will not be automatically returned. We will hold the items for a maximum of two weeks and then pass them onto to a local charity. Items will be returned only upon receipt of credit card details for postage and packaging plus a $20 handling fee.


    •Bookings exceeding 28 days require a separate agreement to be signed between the occupier and the agent/owner. The terms and conditions may differ to information above.


BREACHES OF THESE CONDITIONS may result in the forfeiture of your SECURITY BOND, refusal or key and/eviction at the discretion of the management. If you are evicted prior to your departure date the balance of your accommodation is NOT SUBJECT TO REFUND.